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Vacancy in London. Economists only!

In Scholarships and Mobility on February 26, 2014 at 11:37 pm

Vacancy in London. Economists only!

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Dear Dots,
It was last year when I was talking with my friend Vilma about the situation in our country, which saw no progress up until today. Unemployment in pretty high rates. Brain drain due to the economic situation that forces many talented young people to leave our country and search for a better future somewhere in European Union or abroad in general. I am not sure if we have to stay here and fight. Or if we should go away from such a reality, in order to open our minds and be more able to give tangible solutions with a fresh touch. But if you decide that you belong in the second category and you will leave Greece, I would like to be of help up to the point that I can. You have until Sunday to submit an application for a position in a trustworthy organization that will provide you with a first class working experience and reference for the future. Make us proud and remember that wherever this road takes you, you never stop being the everyday life Greek ambassadors. We are Greece. So let’s be the best we can.


One Young World Scholarship-One Young World Way Of Life

In Scholarships and Mobility on September 24, 2013 at 9:31 am

One Young World Scholarship-One Young World Way Of Life

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I find myself these last days in a position of trying to explain what is that conference I am about to attend. Explain the reason I have been awarded with a scholarship to go up to South Africa in order to participate. And then, after a lot of thinking I decided to sit down and try to find the right words to explain what is that. Something that unexpected , during my lunch time in the European Parliament, came to become part of my life from that evening on. Let me begin with some facts. It is the biggest event for the youth worldwide. Literally collects ambassadors from 183 countries of the United Nations. This year in Johannesburg, these countries will be represented of some of the most prestigious leaders, who will combine their power in order to address issues like youth unemployment, lack of education and sustainable development. This year’s representatives overcome the one thousand again. The opportunities given in these people are many until the week of the summit arrives. I will begin with the 100 scholarships that are given to 100 people of under- represented countries.Greece , stroked by a huge economic crisis is one of them. This is how I applied for a scholarship among many other Greeks and I got selected to represent our country. Since that time I am preparing to do my best. After you get selected and you are a recognized participant the opportunities continue. And what follow are my personal advices and observations that will help the future participants of the years to come. So keep your senses alarmed! You would like to discuss about urgent global issues with a personality like Kofi Annan? You are given this opportunity . You love photography? You can take part on the Instagram competition and advertise the beautiful places of the country you represent . This is like doing a mini tourism campaign through your own point of view. Are you a rising star when it comes to entrepreneurship ? You can get concrete advices from personalities like the founder of Twitter himself. But one of the most important opportunities you are been given is the one of becoming a delegate speaker and address the summit in one of the scheduled plenary sessions. Almost 40 get the opportunity to raise awareness on a specific issue and elaborate on it with people that are willing to accept what they hear and are ready to help combat the problem in any way possible. And this is where magically we get a way of life. The people you will meet, the information uninvited come to you and change you, make you see clearly. The powerful feeling of knowing someone in every corner of this small world.This is the lost important thing we get out of this conference. And I can’t help but thank these two people that not only though but also had the courage to bring this conference to life. Not only for the above mentioned but mostly because of this hope and this great feeling of power I get.Something priceless for a young Greek that doesn’t give up and keeps fighting. And I will keep fighting. And I will change this country. And I will always seek for help from all of you. And we shall not stop before we see the first results. And I do promise you that.

Scholarship of 10.000$. Apply now.

In Scholarships and Mobility on August 9, 2013 at 10:24 am

Scholarship of 10.000$. Apply now.

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So Dear Dots,
The title of the article says pretty much everything. Are you the debaters they are looking for? Just read all the things you should be qualified with, get your talent by the hand, be spontaneous and just go for it.
The topic of this year’s Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge: Rethinking Drugs. How can we define drugs? How do they affect our societies? Can they be prevented by laws and governments? Get ready to face these questions and give comprehensive and clear ideas in your responses.
It is a great opportunity for all of you passionate on making policy. For all of you passionate to leave a mark in the international law arena.
And as promised, posts like these will keep coming. I realize that the best way to mature is by travelling and sharing experiences with new people passionate for the same things like you, yet so different if you look closely! Stay tuned!