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With Thekla Paraskeuoudi, Chairman Hellenic Environmental Organization

In article of fame on February 25, 2013 at 11:19 am

With Thekla Paraskeuoudi, President of Greek Organization for Environment

Για να διαβάσετε το άρθρο στα ελληνικά εδώ

Dear polka Dots,
My concern about the environmental crisis in Greece is growing day by day. Not only due to our extremely polluted cities that we live in or the areas that are supposed to be under protection but  are being mangled in reality. My concern is growing because of the promised «green development politics» that the political parties forget about the day after being elected and because of the lack of environmental education in the new generation. So, I decided to dedicate the article of fame to Ms. Thekla Paraskeuoudi, president of the Greek Organization for the Environment. She is the most suitable person to let us know about the Greek reality, due to her engagement with these issues for a long time now. We talked, found the problems and thought of solutions. New actions are to come. Being one of the first volunteers I hope more will follow. Environment is our legacy and I hope we will all fight in unity to preserve it!
As said by Thekla Paraskeuoudi, in her article that follows :
« “If we don’t take care of our planet, the planet will do it for itself by marginalizing us.”»
James Lovelock, The revenge of Gaia.
Despite the fact that Greece is one of the richest in natural resources countries of EU, politics concerning the environment are not the first in the priority list. We base our environmental perspectives on European policy and funding. But unfortunately, this is not enough for protecting our environment. Our experience until now is that without the European Union instructions, Greek policies will be more than insufficient.
Our country should start treating the environment as a powerful hidden card that hadn’t yet played. Through it we are able to develop our economy as well as our energy sufficiency and our green business industry.
It is not enough to dream about something, you need to make it happen. After all these “green promises” before the elections and the complete neglect the day after we have no progress. Matters like the land fields, the air pollution or the recycling programs are just good enough for communication misleading by the ones that have power. But these problems need solutions now.
Government, local government and NGO’s should try all together to find solutions towards a new era of environment that give new work places and makes it healthier and easier to live and grow in this country.
Greece can do it. We can all do it  together. »