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It is a woman’s world

In Opinions and bullet points. on January 24, 2015 at 5:09 pm


Για ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ:

Returning to the city centre after a day long sunny and warm Sunday by the beach (in Microlimano), I decided that I am hungry. And since my cooking abilities are not in the highest of levels (my dear people know this first hand ) I reached to the conclusion I should search for a place where I can eat a souvlaki – you know this delicious greek thing with meat and tzatziki and yogurt and so much more.. Yet you are wondering right about now why am I writing this article. No I haven’t become a food critic, neither is this the purpose of this blog. The reason behind these lines is to let you know about one of the most unique souvlaki places of Athens. I randomly encountered it while walking in a small street in Koukaki. It’s name : the barbecue place. Simple as that. And walking in you see three women working. JUST three women, Katerina, Eleni and Katerina again. παλια 2 παλια

And to add to this situation, not only they were working there but they were the ones that started the whole business in the first place. During the 70s they decided that this was their dream. Thus, they made this dream their job. And if I am allowed to say they made it somewhat more than a job – they made it art! From a male they turn this small restaurant into a female territory! And they did it good. From the most delicious souvlaki I have ever eaten, accompanied with smiles, comfortable conversation about the old days and the difficulties of the years that passed.

τρικαλινές σωστό

Will I return to eat there ? Sure I am

Will I be more courageous every time I think of these women that made it happen and survived in a man’s world with a man’s job? Sure I am – two times

Does this only concern women? Sure not. It is about will, devotion and doing what you truly love. Without degrading it with fears or insecurities.


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