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New Year’s Resolution. Only one!

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New Year’s Resolution. Only one!

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Dear Dots,

In the first post for 2014, I would firstly like to do two things. Apologize for my long absence but December has been a really tense and challenging month. However I can tell you all that I am back with some great ideas and some really interesting projects ahead. Secondly, I would like to thank all the dear Dots that have sent me Christmas wishes through the blog. I am wishing you the very best from the bottom of my heart and I dedicate this post to you, to your persistence, patience and curiosity that always help me find the strength to become a better person.
When this New Year arrived, I found myself thinking about the resolutions and the promises I will bond to. I am a dreamer, always have been. However, when the stardust of the holidays fades away it is always difficult to keep up the excitement and the urge to meet the goals, especially the extremely difficult ones that need a lot of effort and attention! So this year I made only ONE resolution: Keep a track on my progress.

Step 1: I wrote down 3 big goals I would like to achieve before 2014 completes its circle.
Step 2: I bought a nice calendar. So that I am happy every time I look at it. (My advice: Invest some more money and buy something you like so that you will use it more often)
Step 3: Every night, right before I go to bed I open the page of the day that had passed and write down in the corner what I have achieved regarding these goals.

Of course there will be days of “stagnation”. Write this down as well and explain to yourself that you need to rest in order to be stronger when you start for your goals again.
Lastly as a friend of mine once advised me

Step 4: Wear a bracelet (male or female, it doesn’t matter). It does not need to be Cartier or Dior. Just any bracelet you like. Wear it as a reminder that always asks one question: Why am I doing this? If the answer is immediate and confident you have found your way. If you are among the unlucky ones like I am, then keep trying. And talk. The person that gave me this bracelet is always there for me and I am thankful for that. Find that person for you and I am sure you will have a New Year full of potential and engagement.

I just wish God to keep us all healthy and safe, since these are the only things we can’t control. The rest lay upon our efforts and our thoughts.

Let me know how it goes. And let the achievement of our goals change us, our countries and our world to the best.