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Renewable Greece

In Opinions and bullet points. on June 27, 2013 at 1:46 pm

Renewable Greece

Για να διαβάσετε το κείμενο στα ελληνικά, πατήστε εδώ:
Dear dots,
Have you ever thought what the term renewable (green) energy actually mean? I recently found myself in a farm, where the production of it had nothing to do with the sun, the wind or the oceans. Only 30 km away from Brussels, the heart of European Union, a family created a self sustained green energy farm.
In order electricity to be produced, this family factory uses three different types of waste. The first one coming from agriculture waste and yards. The second coming from the food industry, especially the leftovers of oil production as the third one from livestock litters. After collecting them all, a mixture of all these three types of biological waste is being produced, which gives the possibility to mill it. Depending on the quality of the waste, gas (methane) is being produced in bigger or smaller quantities. Following, they are bounding this gas and with an appropriate procedure under strict security methods it is alternated and ready to be used in the factory engines. Now this free of methane mixture, after a procedural milling with enzymes, is put in a high temperature oven. There, it starts evaporating, producing many small explosions that lead to electrical power (Unfortunately i cannot provide more information on this stage, since the presentation was in French!).
The whole procedure lasts 45 days because the waste, before being used, are checked for being mixed with plastic or other toxic litters that would make them unavailable for usage in the procedure.
What is really interesting though is that 45 % of their income comes from EU funding, supporting renewable energy production. In the meantime, they provide a great relief on the biological waste management of their country since they are being used in energy production and not just being incinerated.
Probably it is time to realise that Greece has a huge agriculture, livestock and oil production sector. We can use our potentials to create something progressive and start becoming more self sufficient in the energy sector. Like that, we can limit our dependence of dirty coal as well as eliminate even the small import of nuclear electricity from our neighbouring Bulgaria.
First however and foremost we need to change our mentality. We need to realize that EU funding is there to be used to create job positions. We have to understand that subsidies are not just translated into money. I am not talking about job positions not only for unskilled workers but for electrical engineers, mechanical and chemical engineers or programmers as well, since all these factories run through a computer nowadays.
Now that we know what ellipse of working places means. Now that we feel what it means not to have a reason waking up every morning. Now it is the time to change. To see clearly that especially the young people don’t need just money but also self attestation and self assurance.
If that is what we need, then let’s pursue it. It is in our hands. Not everyone alone but all together for creating a factory or, as I see it, for creating our future Greece.
Hard work and only hard work can be a “Success Story”.
Special thanks to Mr. Jean-Jack Dohogne (and the project ACR+MED), for letting me be part of that visit, for translating for me when needed and for leading my questions in the right answers.