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Working for the Right(s)

In Press releases on April 28, 2013 at 5:54 pm

Working for the Right(s)


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My dear dots,
I have to apologize for not being in touch with all of you for so long. However, after two really intense weeks I have so many stories to share with you. There was not one moment that I forgot about you.
What you are reading now though is written to pay tribune to some people in Greece. Those people that believed in our work and supported our efforts. Those people that accept Greece as a country will possibilities and perspectives. Towards that me and other young people among me are putting our efforts . We will reBrand Greece because we can. As Elitis once said : Once you decompose Greece you got left with a branch of olive , a branch of grapes and a ship. And that means with all these you can recreate it.

Ms Pepi Gioultsi thank you. I wish you to stay strong and fight with what is coming next.
( I also have to thank Ms Marina Dritsa and the editors of

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Feeling like cultural ambassador

In Opinions and bullet points. on April 12, 2013 at 10:44 am

Feeling like cultural ambassador

Για να διαβάσετε το κείμενο στα ελληνικά, εδώ

My dearest polka dots,
It was two years ago when I got accepted in a programme funded by the European Union, which made me travel to Portugal. There, we stayed in a small city in the mountains, named Covilha. During this project, we created a movie all by ourselves and filmed it. The theme was gender equality ( ). This project gave me some really useful insight which I used in several aspects of my life in regard to activism later on. (one billion rising initiative). Every aspect was well organized thanks to the Coolabora organization. In that direction, they wanted us not only to work but also to get to know the Portuguese people and the Portuguese culture. So, I got the chance to meet some Portuguese students in one of our nights out. They were giving this colorful, full of devoutness show with their University. In their culture as I sensed it, it is really important to pay tribute and make proud your home town. It reminds me somehow the social strings that family provides for the Greeks. Then, talking with David, one of the guys, he introduced me to an initiative he had in mind. He intended to join young people through culture. His exact words to me were: “ I am planning on getting people connected by connecting culture with adventure” . So he is exploring the history of his home town, Coibra,  as well as Portugal’s as a whole, by making a project where images of the cities and the history behind them will become refrigerator magnets for selling, to turists. On the back of them there will be information for each image, in different languages. My part was to translate their original text to Greek. With some corrections from a friend who is a translator, I got Greek language included in that project. Should you find yourself in the mountains of Portugal ,you can feel happy that something greek is already there! Yes, in the mountains of Portugal. As for me? Well, I realized you don’t need money but will power. You don’t need a position of power but passion to be an ambassador of your own country everywhere in this world!  Bravo Portugal~!

Saying Theater. Meaning Greece

In Opinions and bullet points. on April 1, 2013 at 11:21 am

Saying Theater. Meaning Greece

Για το κείμενο στα ελληνικά, εδώ :

Beloved dots,
I keep hearing all the time that Greece needs to follow this political direction, to apply this reformation. To go in this direction and that direction. Well, to be honest, Greece and its people just need to open their eyes. Not long ago, I saw a theatrical play here, in Thessaloniki. This text is not to advertise the play, but to exalt it. Exalt this love story, which came alive in front of our eyes that night. Young people, who are fighting to see the romantic side of life, in this general pensiveness. It was a play with free entrance. Available to anyone interested. Where the director had a broken leg but was there, in order not to let down those actors that were giving their best for the show. That director who really showed that art, in order to grow, needs soul. In the end, I was so amazed that I cried. That fairy, who was so deeply in love with that knight, didn’t remember who he was in the last scene. She was just laughing and playing with the water, like nothing happened. There, in that moment, I connected the theatrical play with the situation in Greece. The day that we will leave behind today’s Greece for a new, better one, is not that far away. A brand new country. Where we will laugh and play with the water, away from any “ancient tragedy”. Bravo guys. Thank you for these feelings. It was like you were shouting at me throughout the whole play: Fall in love; this is the secret that will drive us away from the misery. As for me, I was a little bit more optimistic for the future.